Legit Online Gambling Venue Now Accepting Bitcoin

Internet users from all walks of life are often looking for legitimate places online that provide a safe gaming environment. This can be a tough search for some. As a whole. legitimate online casinos are everywhere. The problem with novice players is the fact that many cannot determine which sites are actually legit and which ones are not. Some of the sites found through search engines have been reportedly taking money from users who end up having technical or site issues which keep them from being able to play. This is not a fair exchange especially when there is no support available to resolve the problem. Some of the problems stems from methods of payment. Banks will often delay a transaction or charge hefty fees for money transferred to online casinos. Much of this is due to the risk involved.

Vera John is the first legitimate licensed casino to begin accepting bitcoins as a form of payment. This is a technical breakthrough in many different ways. It is also financially beneficial for anyone who participates as a player with Vera John. When depositing with bitcoin the members don’t have to worry about unnecessary delays. The funds are transferred instantly. This eliminates the waiting period for them to log on and play their favorite games online. It’s a safe method of payment that Vera John has proudly added to their accepted methods. You can obtain more information about bitcoin by researching the internet. Vera John provides basic information about the digital payment method and how it can be used by members on their website.