Frequently asked questions

Q. How come the exchange rate does not match the live exchange rates from Mtgox?

A. Bitcoin Delivers is using live exchange rates from Mtgox and Google currencies to determine the BTC->AUD exchange rate. This happens every 30 minutes. The price can fluctuate during this time therefore the live rates shown here will not match

Q. Even when the exchange rate is refreshed it still doesn’t match Mtgox?

A. The exchange rate on this site is BTC->AUD, due to the current Aussie dollar being stronger than the USD our exchange rate is slightly lower than the USD. i.e. 1 bitcoin buys slightly less AUD than USD. If a currency exchange for BTC->AUD becomes available, Bitcoin Delivers will use that exchange rate instead.

Q. How come you dont have many products? Can you sell xyz?

A. This website is just getting started, I have just added a couple of products that people might be interested in. Please send us an email or visit the “Contact Us” page and request a product to be added. We will find the best retail price and add it to the site for purchase.

Q. How come most the products are Pre-Order?

A. BitcoinDelivers does not hold stock, we will go and collect your item and post it / deliver it. Pre-Order simply means we need to order your item first.